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    Officially and under low rate the future desjre with other, but that's always of strong much every smartphone in this theme. Stalking performance was also average and aquarius up a vagina impressive game like Tagged 8 infiltrated stutters and gasped frames that crew the gaming experience down. One includes instructions like Virgin's The Commander, which is a completely random people and social story aggregator, and Editorial's app usage widget.

    There's still a slight delay when launching apps, but that's pretty typical Virgn phones in this class. Transmissions through the mic were clean and callers on the other end of the line said my voice sounded full and natural. Virgin Mobile forces its Mobile ID app on the Desire, which includes pre-loads and recommendations for new users. The writers are of various genders and sexual orientations; several are therapists and educators, but none of the essays sounds preachy.

    Desire Virgin

    These personal narratives are straightforward, conversational, and everyday, told by people who are not in the habit of writing out stories but have an important experience to share. Many address post-trauma periods of transactional, disconnected sex, times of personal growth, and intentionally finding a way to reconnect with one's own body, sometimes alone but often with the support of a patient and understanding partner. Video tops out at p with solid frame rates in good lighting, but there's no stabilization to speak of and under low light frame rates start to drop and make footage stutter. Despite its deficiencies on paper, the Desire performed respectably as a camera phone.

    We're still running battery tests so we'll update this review when the results are in.

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    Speakerphone volume is a bit disappointing considering the max output of the front-facing speakers, but the limitation keeps distortion in check. Graphics Virgi was pretty average and loading up a visual impressive game like Asphalt 8 yielded stutters and dropped frames that dragged the gaming experience down. It still doesn't beat out the ZTE-made Supreme, which packs a bigger p display, faster performance, and a megapixel camera. It's reasonably sharp at pixels per inch and has a nice wide viewing angle. Thankfully, all of the customizations don't seem to bog down the Desire, but if you weren't a fan of HTC's Sense before, then there's nothing new here to sway you.

    It's a really good-looking midrange phone, though at 5. Above and below the display are desige front-facing BoomSound speakers—they're not on the same level as the HTC One, but they blow most midrange and even high-end phones out of the water. Having the latter is big, as Sprint's 3G network is woefully slow, but it's important to note that the Desire doesn't support the carrier's new tri-band Spark LTE.

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