• Vintage shower curtains and sheets

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    Vintage Bed Sheet Shower Curtain

    You can see in this contradiction that if we add up all those things, we get 9. End of making new.

    It worked fine to cut it this way, and was much less hassle than anr to scoot the sheet along like I did last time: Cut off your new amount from the lower edge of the sheet--not the top edge with the wide hem. You'll want that part to put the buttonholes in. Hem the lower edge.

    Sbeets will give your hem a nice, clean edge. Aheets fold up and iron 2" all along the edge for a wide hem that will hang nicely. Pin this as you iron, so it's held in place ready for your sewing machine. Choose your hem style. Depending on the color, pattern, and weight of your fabric and your personalityyou may choose to stitch your hem normally, use a blind hem stitch, or stitch by hand. I chose to use the blind hem stitch for 3 reasons: It's so useful for hemming pants--and when you're barely 5 feet tall, you need to hem every pair of pants you ever buy. To set up for the blind hem, start with your fabric like this: And then flip it back behind, like this: You'll want the straight part of the stitch to go on the little flap sticking out, and the zig-zag stitches will overlap just barely onto the folded part of the fabric.

    Here's a diagram that might be helpful. So now that you're all set up, take your fabric to the machine and sew the blind hem.

    And Vintage sheets curtains shower

    Snd blind hem stitch is choice C—choose the one on your machine that looks closest to the black design. I find it works well to set the stitch width on 3. And eventually, you'll finish that long hem! It might look Vibtage of funny at first. But give it a good press and it'll flatten right out. Grab your calculator and figure out the buttonhole spacing. This is the easiest way I know how to explain it, though. Subtract two inches from your total curtain width to let you inset the first and last holesand divide that number by however many rings you have minus one. If and only if you are the type of person who needs to know why, keep reading this section. I'm going to get a bit technical.

    For example, say your total width is 10 inches, and you have 4 rings. You can see in this diagram that if we add up all those numbers, we get 9. End of math lesson.

    Maybe sheetz more, but I did it. I septic the top of the other as the would-be top of my last curtain and biography pinned the existing other to the sheet. I could have marked grommets…but I funny to face the stage of members.

    Hope you're not traumatized ; Make the buttonholes. With a pin, mark your first buttonhole one inch in from the left sheeets of shoqer shower curtain on the top end not the end you just hemmed. And even Wrigley got in on the action! I used the top of the sheet as the would-be top of my shower curtain and safety pinned the existing curtain to the sheet. Trimming the sheet to size… I then simply folded the hems and stitched them on my sewing machine. Making the ends clean… Then. At least for me… buttonholes.

    I could have used grommets…but I needed to face the challenge of buttonholes. So I practiced on dheets of the sheet that remained after I trimmed it. When I felt quasi-comfortable with making them, I set out to mark my sheet where each buttonhole would go. And again, I used the old shower curtain as my guide: A lot to measure, a lot to keep straight. Maybe not perfectly, but I did it.

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