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    Antoinette, posting the locals, draped the petit scarf about her back as the co that they'd defeated. The motor had a string, two states, and a killer.

    Alex noticed what he was doing, sighed, and put his hand back on the arm of the sofa. It wouldn't be cool to have cum-stained pants when Velma came for him. He closed his eyes and meditated. But the occasional "whirrr-thunk" from the adjacent room kept distracting him. There was an article on hanging techniques: Alex sat down to read it, especially the section on timing: Alex was getting painfully hard again, but he kept reading. The door opened again, and Megan came into the room, smelling excited. Megan took Alex's head between her hands and kissed him, hard. Alex kissed her back, and she opened her mouth, inviting his tongue. Alex accepted the invitation, and they spent a while French-kissing.

    Alex turned his head and nibbled on Megan's ear. Then she kissed the side of his neck, which made him shiver with a mixed thrill of fear and arousal. They spent some minutes like that, then she took Alex's hand and put it on her breast. Alex moaned and started fondling it. When he tentatively started to unbutton Megan's blouse, she moaned and breathed, "Yes. Somewhere in the middle of all that, they ended up on the sofa. Alex was really horny by that time, and he put Megan's hand on his bulge to encourage her to do something for him.

    She hesitated, then shook her head firmly. Not to let you cum, then you'd cool off. But feel free to play with me any other way you like. Alex will play with you. Alex will love playing with you. He put his fingers in his mouth to wet them, then started playing idly with her inner lips. Then gently caressing her hood. Does Megan like it when Alex does this? Then he added a second finger. His thumb went to work on Megan's clit. After a while, they turned into gasps, then into screams. Alex kept on caressing and kissing Megan. But it will be worth it, you can bet. Alex is so sorry for hurting you. I just think we need to rest for a while.

    She'd had two beheadings to take care of. The first was a man who wanted to get laid one last time before "getting the axe". She was going to try tonight. The old thrill was back, her pussy ached with desire, her crotch warm and wet with anticipation, her breath shallow and tight. She carried the cuffs in one hand. Once she stood upon the platform, she went to the gibbet post, there finding the trap door controls. Instead of the usual set time amount, tonight she hit the random button. A small clock device inside the controller was activated, and it would, at some mathematically random time, stop counting, make a small electrical connection, activate a relay and snap open the trap door.

    Sharon had no way of knowing when.

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    She stepped onto the trap, the noose brushing her face, and she deftly placed the rope around her neck. Her practiced hands welcomed their old friend immediately, and she was secured in no time. Snug on her throat, she loved the roughness of the rope, and she began breathing deeply now, deep slow breaths, she was comfortable up there, ready, aroused. Now it seemed real to her, dreamlike but real. The danger was real, the thrill was real. Her fantasy almost real. Sweating now, scared, her mouth dry, she feels her hands moving behind her back, one wrist in a cuff, the other wrist now snapping itself in, the cuffs click, a click she knew well, but it sounded distant, different, real.

    She had set the cuffs to random as well, and as the second wrist snapped in, the small digital clock inside the steel restraint began to count down. My hard cock was the signal for it to get some attention. A band that gripped the shaft tightly was put around it. The jolting through my nipples stopped and was replaced by a pulse in my cock. I shouted out as a ripple of indescribable pleasure ran through me. Further jolts followed with the same result. My cock started to produce loads of pre-cum that I could feel creating a puddle on my abdomen. I sensed a tongue licking this up and giving my helmet a good licking too. The pulses of electricity stopped once more and the band around my shaft was removed.

    Someone held my cock and I felt something entering my piss slit. It was cool and I reckoned it was metal and I guessed it was an electrode as I could detect a wire coming from it.

    Not being able to do anything I just lay there and relaxed as best I could. The hand let go of my cock and I then felt a sharp pain run through the entire length of my penis. It felt like a hot needle had been inserted in it. I must have screamed for I heard the guys laughing at my distress then all became blurred as the nooses once again closed causing my brain to be starved of blood. Having found something that made me scream they continued to send pulses of electricity through the electrode in my dick. I found that I was getting used to the sensation produced in me and when this happened the intensity of the current was increased.

    Eventually it couldn't be increased further and when this was realised it was stopped altogether. As was usual when I was subjected to severe pain my cock grew more and more solid until this time I was aware of it being really heavy with the blood pumping through it unlike the blood to my brain which was being systematically blocked and unblocked. The electrode was removed from my urethra and I felt something around my cock once more. This was a ring tight enough to be positioned just below my glans but in contact with my helmet.

    I knew it was attached to the electricity supply as I could sense a wire coming from it. Something pushed against my anal ring and then I felt a pulse of electricity stemming from there and reaching to the end of my cock. It was as if someone was jerking roughly on my penis. The sensation produced was mixed. It felt like I was on the verge of an orgasm but then it abruptly went away and left me with an ache in the whole length of my dick. Noose play sex stories the same time it was impossible not to stop my legs convulsing and pulling the nooses tight around my neck to such an extent that the flow of blood was totally constricted. My mind starting to black out and felt like I was floating.

    When the pulse stopped I relaxed, the nooses loosened and I returned to Earth. I'm just sketching in my pad. Your sketches seem kinda I then sat up facing my sexy mom. I came up with a new How do you feel about having your neck trapped between a loop of rope? Now, I know you're a goth and all, so I felt this idea would appeal to girls like you. What if you're a prisoner on death row? In that case, I'd prefer to be executed by hanging or burning at the stake. Washington and New Hampshire are the only two states that still carry out hangings, so setting Noose play sex stories next film at a Washington or New Hampshire prison would make the film quite realistic in these modern times.

    Once we made it back to the first floor, my mom went to the stairway closet. There, my mom grabbed a life-sized dummy bearing my likeness. Now, let's set it up. We assembled a real gallows with bolts for securing the noose, a trapdoor for the drop, a lever to trigger the trapdoor, and a flight of stairs to push the condemned up. After that, we set up a tripwire, put a small desk with sex toys on the gallows, and put a jug of water and a knife on the sidelines. I put on a customary prison uniform with an orange shirt and a pair of orange pants that reached down to my ankles. My mom, on the other hand, wore a skimpy police uniform. She must somehow save herself from this terrible brutality, and yet, somewhere deep within her mentality, was the vague understanding that this was somehow desirable and what she wanted.

    Indeed, she suddenly realised that she could feel her pussy wet and dribbling its juices down the insides of her thighs. These vague workings of her brain were dashed from her mind as the leather lash smashed across her body once more, this time coming from behind her, thrashing across from her armpit, down over one breast, and the stinging tip of the belt biting cruelly into her belly. Hardly a moment's respite followed before another and another and another blow came flailing across her body, each one from a different direction and angle. Harry, filled with incredible lust and a burning desire to flog Yvonne to a pulp, lost all control and began to rein blows all over her body, not concerned with how or where they landed, just so long as they hit her with maximum force and caused her maximum pain and suffering.

    Yvonne's mind was reeling. She felt each lash as an incredible, burning, stinging, agonisingly sharp pain. Her mind began to experience a certain dullness. The pain continued on and on relentlessly, then her mind entered a world of black unknowingness as she lost consciousness. Harry, in his sadistic frenzy, continued to lash and lash and lash the now silent, swinging body. He'd immediately realised that Yvonne's moans and cries and frantic lurching about had ceased. After some time he dropped his arm and stepped up to the lifeless body. He grasped a handful of hair, and lifted her head. The whites of Yvonne's eyes showed, but then her pupils half appeared and he could see that there was some sort of semi-consciousness there.

    For a fleeting moment Harry had thought that perhaps she were dead and he had killed her, but now he saw that she'd only succumbed to his flogging, unable to stand the intolerable pain. He really wanted to keep flogging her, but perhaps he should let her recover. He took a knife and cut through the cords that suspended her body from the roof beam. The cord being cut, Yvonne's body fell with a dull thud onto the floor where she lay contorted like a rag doll thrown down when no longer needed. Harry was hot and sweating from the exertion of beating Yvonne.

    He left her where she lay, and went to get himself a drink. Yvonne lay there for some minutes, her consciousness slowly returning. She tried to stand but found herself so stiff and sore that she barely could. She made it to the door, but then met with Harry who was just returning to see what condition she was in. He grabbed her up in his arms and hugged and kissed her passionately. Yvonne had thought that they were finished with their games, but Harry eagerly asked, "what would you like to do now? Than seeing Yvonne's alarm and amazement, he qualified his suggestion.

    Harry, seeing that Yvonne might actually be considering submitting to such a thing, eagerly explained that he had prepared a thick, but soft rope by plaiting many strands of cloth together. Now Harry led Yvonne out of the bedroom, along a short passage and into the garage which was built in as a part of the house. He excitedly went to a cupboard and took out the rope, already tied into a hangman's noose. Yvonne felt the plaited cloth rope, and then Harry said, "here, try it around your neck to see how you like it.

    He clasped the knot in one hand and pulled on the rope so that it tightened firmly onto Yvonne's neck right up under her chin. She found that, while her breathing was restricted, she could still get a little air, although she knew that with the weight of her body hanging on the rope, it would tighten even more. She felt her lust steaming within her at the thought of willingly doing this and putting her life at the whim of this man who openly flaunted his sadistic nature. How long would you let me hang for? Even though Harry had prepared the rope and noose, and had thought endlessly about doing such a thing, he had never really believed that any woman would ever actually agree to do it, but now, here was a slut who really wanted it.

    Harry dragged a box, some two feet high, out from the wall and placed it beneath one of the roof trusses. He then opened a step ladder and positioned it alongside the box. She allowed herself to be led forward and she took the step up onto the box. She hadn't actually said the words that she would do it, but it was now understood between them that she wanted to be strangled. Harry mounted the step ladder and took the rope of the noose which was still around Yvonne's neck. He tossed it over the roof truss and pulled it up until it had tightened considerably more around her neck and was causing her to stretch out, pulling her chin upwards and tilting her head backwards.

    Now the body simply hung there, silently. The waitress took a minute to feel the former strippers skin; her smooth face, her supple breasts, her perfect pussy … What a waste of a perfectly good fuck. Kaci turned the wench and slowly dropped the body to the floor. The feet caught no traction and simply slid on their toes down the table. She ran a finger inside the shirt to the cold breast inside, then opened the blouse to reveal the lifeless bosom and prone nipples. After inspecting the chest she lifted the skirt and removed the now cold panties.

    The tapes of the harness were unable to chains forming a street. The first was a man who would to get married one last horny before "getting the axe".

    She wondered how stoies had felt. Must have been fucking amazing, she stoories all over herself. Kaci spread the legs and licked the pussy again. It was moist, but not as warm as it had been earlier. Earlier it had been soft and excited, now it was stiff and rigid. Just another slab of meat. Kaci looked at the clock. The janitor would be here in another few hours to take the body away. God knows what he did with them, Kaci never had the guts to ask him.

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