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    The part that extends inside divides into two arms rather like a wishbone surrounding the urethra pee hole and reaching towards the vagina. If you spread the outer lips apart, you will see the inner lips. The medical name for this area is the vestibule. The clitoris is very sensitive and sexual pleasure is one of its main functions.

    These are usually thin. Thinking about the problem Before seeing the doctor, think carefully about what the lback is. It has a sensitive surface rather like the end of the male penis sheltered by a hood of skin rather like the foreskin of the male penis, but not extending all the way round. The vulva is the area that surrounds the vaginal opening. It feels quite large and round, and has a firm consistency similar to the end of your nose. At the top is the cervix, which is the base of the uterus. What is the clitoris? When the clitoris swells during sexual arousal, the whole structure can become quite large.

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    Are you worried that someone could have given you an infection? To get pyssy, you must overcome that anxiety. The area inside the inner lips round the vaginal opening and the urethra pee hole is moist and pink. Are you worried that your vulva does not look normal? Like all parts of the body, they come in all shapes and sizes. Do you have a discharge?

    On the outside, there are the outer lipswhich are usually fleshy and covered with hair and skin. Pussy contacts for Vaginal and vulval problems Click to see all the contacts that you may find useful in relation to vaginal vulva problems. If you put two fingers into the vagina and push upwards, you will be able to feel the cervix.

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