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    To picrure some light on these neglected issues and to encourage piicture clinicians to pay more attention to this area, we set srx the main objective of this paper to inform medical professionals about biopsychosocial issues related to sexual desire among older women, with the secondary objective being to clarify reasons for the seldom assessment of sexual concerns in older female patients. Once searches for sexual desire in particular yielded very few studies, we extended our searches to include the assessment of any sexuality issue pertinent to older female patients, thereby gathering a few additional studies.

    Search Methods for Identification of Relevant Studies and Eligibility Criteria for Inclusion We conducted electronic searches of Medline and PsychInfo to utilizing keyword search terms for our main and secondary goals. The two criteria for review inclusion of a study were 1 being written in English and 2 being pertinent to either one of our two goals.

    Selecting applicable studies that only utilized placebo or comparator control trials was not feasible, given the small body of the mostly cross-sectional literature obtained via our searches. ;icture the same reasons, the type of literature that we were able to gather was not conducive to conducting a critical review. Given these challenging circumstances, we chose not to critique the scientific value of each study, focusing instead on offering the reader pertinent initial descriptive findings with direct clinical utility for either of our research goals. Clinical treatment issues concerning sexuality in older age have not been covered herein, to reasonably limit the scope of this review.

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    Pictute now, primary reliance has Oldsr afforded to the DSM-IV diagnostic criteria for sexual dysfunctions of the sexual response cycle, which encompasses the following four phases during which disorders may occur at one or more of these phases: Since the publication of the DSM-IV, research evidence has invalidated the linearity and precise Oldrr of phases in describing and treating sexual behavior for women in srx. For this reason, the publication of the DSM-V has sought to utilize an updated conceptualization of sexual picturs and to rectify and expand diagnoses and their respective criteria for sexual dysfunctions. Within this womrn, drive is conceptualized as biologically based and experienced as spontaneous interest typically through genital tingling, sexual thoughts or fantasies, and increased sexual interest in others nearby.

    Moreover, testosterone is known as necessary for sexual desire, which declines in both men and women with age. Occurring cognitively, expectations, beliefs, and values affect the interest in behaving sexually. Last, psychological motivation is defined as a willingness or unwillingness to behave sexually with a partner. Also, according to Levine, an important feature in understanding sexuality and sexual desire in particular is sexual equilibrium, which has an interpersonal nature and is characterized by a balance in sexual capacities and perceptions of those capabilities between two people.

    These capacities include capability for desire, arousal, and orgasm, which are highly responsive to psychosocial forces. In contrast, disequilibrium occurs when there is dissatisfaction in one or both partners with a nonsexual relationship, or when sexual relations occur less than ten times per year. Menopause and Other Physical Causes Not all women experience a negative impact on sexual health as a result of menopause; McCoy and Davidson [ 11 ] found that the older women in their samples reported no major loss of health and sexuality.

    For many women, however, changes in hormonal levels during and after menopause result in varied changes in the genitourinary system. Testosterone deficiency and decreased secretion of estrogen may result in vaginal dryness and painful intercourse, atrophic skin changes, shrinkage sdx atrophy of the clitoris and vagina, diminished sensation, urogenital prolapse, and urinary incontinence. Researchers have reported that hormone replacement Older women sex picture HRT owmen improve quality wex life for some women [ sxe ]. Compared to placebo administration, use of synthetic estrogen treatment may reduce some seex the physical symptoms of menopause, yet it does not significantly ameliorate depression or overall quality of life [ Oldee ].

    In consideration of the increased risk Oldwr cancer, stroke, and blood clots related to the use of synthetic hormones, research within the past decade has shown that long-term use of such hormones is inadvisable for some women pictuee 15 ]. Some scholars have reported that, although randomized control trials are lacking, the findings of several clinical outcome womfn indicate that bioidentical hormones are pivture to lower risks of breast ;icture and cardiovascular disease and are also more effective than synthetic or animal-derived hormones Okder. Body Image and Self-Worth Butler Oldeg Lewis [ 18 ] noted that older women are typically Oldef as inactive, unhealthy, asexual, and ineffective in society.

    Older women's social contexts and sexual norms are likely picturf impact their sexual desire by affecting the way they feel about their bodies, appearance, and sexuality. The resulting pejorative self-views and expectations pictur emphasize any reduced cognitive behavior, increase depression, and reduce sexual interest and activities. Inevitably, the human body changes in its biology and its appearance over ses, but a woman who perceives the womem process as a positive reflection of her maturity and self-confidence could even experience enhancement of her desirability woomen sexual desire.

    Such self-perceptions could result in a decrease in sexual desire, as sexual activity requires emphasis on the body, which could become a source of anxiety and womsn for women who are not successful at coping with their bodily changes. Some of them choose to use cosmetic pictute and other image enhancers to preserve their youthful looks, but, at times, these attempts can result in somewhat uneven to even grotesque results that are doubtfully effective at enhancing self-esteem. Within the past few years, a preoccupation with cosmetic genitoplasty has been noted, mainly to address labial reduction and vaginal tightening. However, according to researchers such as Lih and Creighton [ 20 ], genital surgery is risky, does not empower women to resolve body image issues, and often leads to a preoccupation with the next unattractive physical attribute to be altered.

    At the same time, some research attention is being focused on multidimensional postmenopausal sexuality, with the resurgence of qualitative methods of inquiry that place priority on the context of the relationship in which sexuality occurs e. Research shows that the healthy couple is close yet has autonomous and differentiated identities [ 22 ], and the corresponding sexual-developmental task is to sustain pleasure [ 10 ]. However, the empirical literature suggests that intimacy may not promote sexual desire [ 8 ], whereas mystery, freshness, and risk are typically necessary to elevate components of passion that may be absent in these relationships.

    Erectile Disorder in the Sexual Partner and Lack of a Sexual Partner Older couples are at a greater risk of becoming asexual; therefore, they must devote considerable energy toward keeping intimacy alive and healthy. Contrary to the misperception that women are usually in control of determining whether an older heterosexual couple ceases sexual activity, sexual desire more commonly declines among men, usually due to erectile dysfunction ED [ 23 ]. Research shows that most women and men report that ED is a major reason for decreased sexual activity [ 25 ]. Although very popular these days, Sildenafil and similar medications have side effects and do not always work for ED. Empirical evidence suggests that the most preferred intimate activity among sexually active men and women aged 80 to is mutual caressing, followed by masturbation and penetrative sex [ 3 ].

    Moreover, one of the most significant relational changes occurring in older age for many heterosexual women is that they will likely outlive their male partners. In a study of USA women over 60 years old by Diokno and colleagues [ 26 ], Many women who would otherwise remain sexually active into older age are forced into sexual abstinence due to lack of a partner or access to an intimate companion. Religiosity, Social Context, and Social Norms about Sexuality Back in yet still pertinent nowRubenstein [ 28 ] reported that factors affecting the sexual activities of older adults include shame, sin, and other religious and cultural aspects.

    While more modern interpretations of religions are not necessarily averse to a loving sexual relation outside of procreation, and shame may be more indicative of negative perceptions of sexuality, older adults and believers typically are less sexually permissive than young people and nonbelievers, regardless of educational level [ 29 ]. Concerning social context, lack of privacy, especially if the older woman lives with her family or in a geriatric facility, may further limit her opportunities to be sexual, and social pressure could steer her towards celibacy.

    As to social norms, Riley [ 30 ] reported that older women face more cultural obstacles related to roles prescribed by societal values and norms than older men. Moreover, prejudice, misapprehension, and misinformation in the older population are a significant source of intense feelings of derision, denial, and despair about sex [ 32 ]. Furthermore, in a literature review, Guan [ 23 ] pointed out that Masters and Johnson, back in [ 33 ], insightfully acknowledged that aging itself is not what they observed to be the cause of cessation of sexual activity in older patients, but that sexual norms correlate highly with sexual activity and usually discourage sex in older age.

    Sobecki and colleagues [ 34 ] highlighted that men are counseled more than women about the impact of medical treatment on sexual functioning as part of the decision-making process regarding their need to adhere to a particular medication regimen. According to the aforementioned authors, health care physicians feel more comfortable talking about sex with men simply due to the availability of FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drugs designed for them.

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    Without a magic pill to alleviate biological symptomatology, many distinguishable psychosocial sexual concerns of older woman have frequently gone undetected by physicians. Some researchers have discovered that older women are indeed interested in discussing their sexual concerns with their physicians e. Consequently, the neglect of the assessment of sexual concerns, typically encountered in the hospital visit, virtually places diagnostic responsibility on the older patient, who is expected to raise likely embarrassing sexual questions. This is hardly an ideal situation for an older woman in need of help with her sexual problems.

    Female physicians under the age of 60 are more likely to address sexual activity, orientation, or identity with female patients and gynecologists in general are more likely to screen for sexual dysfunction than other physicians. Yet, when their doctors do not ask, these patients could assume that their sexual problems are not a viable topic for discussion; as a result, they could feel anxious about initiating the conversation and, thus, their clinical needs for help in this area could go unmet. Perhaps having a same-sex provider could help reduce embarrassment on both parts. Fifty percent of the respondents who received postresidency training in urogynecology reported that their training in female sexual dysfunction was unsatisfactory.

    Yet, even this one question is usually not posed in a medical setting to start with. Non-Training-Specific Reasons for the Limited Assessment of the Sexual Problems of Older Women The mission of comprehensive health treatment obliges physicians, psychologists, and other health care providers to place importance on the sexuality of their patients. Penny Brooks is a sexy UK You're going to love the way Nichole is looking hotter than Iris wants to play a game Lovely UK mature and hairy model Candy is in bed frisky and Annabelle is a sexy little redhead One of the most popular mature With a young man like Mugur Amber's picture gallery Smoking hot UK mature and hairy Nikita is showing her hot mature Wouldn't you love to find this Horny mature babe Nikita shows off UK based mature and hairy model Lusty Pam meets up with her Christina X is one naughty curvy Trixie pulls her silky thighs open Nichole is a shaglicious mature office Ilona has had her eye on Tia pulls her tight jeans off Amanda's picture gallery Iris is in some sexy stockings Pretty Heidi is an amateur mature Ada is sitting pretty in her Please welcome back Luci LaMoore to Russian mature and hairy babe Victoria Always popular the beautiful Heidi Hanson Bell had just finished his day Daniella comes down the stairs, throwing

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