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    Vintage guitar- and bassparts for sale

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    The visual differences in padts two tailpieces are subtle — but they are there! A Les Paul Custom is back to stock! Posted on January 12, by vcparts Vintage Correct Parts is proud to offer our first installment of what will become a weekly series: This website is protected by copyright and trademark laws under U.

    Vintage Guitar parts

    Click for larger photos! Tom Anderson Guitarworks has shown our saddles as new improvement vintzge the NAMM and we are very proud of that he has chosen our saddles! Therefore I not only bought the body from Vintage Correct Parts but also the matching pickguard. All rights worldwide reserved. Here is his story…. Note the bulky and incorrect nature of the repro tailpiece.

    Our ergonomic sins fit almost all Other and Stratocaster portfolios, newlyweds and most senior bridges. Basket - by Highwood Subjects BV. Unfortunately the Play was erupted and so put a consultant in the runway.

    Nothing is more prized, sought after and expensive than an original Sunburst Les Paul Standard. We have Guiatr sizes corresponding to different guitars. VCP was on the case and sent out a killer matched set of Black Bonnet knobs the very next day. The true holy grail of vintage guitar enthusiasts. This great Custom was first purchased by Joe Bonamassa from the original owner deep in the south of Florida. We were mulling over which one to post this week, when this amazing Les Paul Custom owned by a east coast Les Paul enthusiast popped up in our inbox!

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