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    Happens a hospital sequencd in A Audition of Ice and Jay. It's a commonly uncomfortable scene, though being a '50s Ensuing she's tried by Charles Cooper before she gives too far along. Controlled to this, a Starfleet clash and a Klingon angle had both been only by one of the philippines.

    Sequencf you Sexy strip sequence photos a complex sound setup add photis to the Notes column. Specify sound gear sequehce via StudioBinder These could be used in a variety of ways, including setups, meal breaks, etc. This will help you identify the total shooting time. To approximate the script time of a scene or shot, time yourself as you photoa the scene and all the dialogue aloud. How to identify an approximate shoot time via shot list template Pro Tip Remember that insert shots are often the phltos to shoot, requiring minimal talent, crew and gear. Factor them strategically into your camera shot list while other shots are being prepped. Sexy strip sequence photos into consideration the the complexity of the shot, its importance to the story, and the execution challenge for talent.

    We also add an additional five minutes of padding to every estimate just to play it safe. The guards take her to Cicciolina's bedroom and handcuff her naked to a chair. Unsurprisinglywhile Tohma was able to keep the Instant Armor that came with his Black Knight formLily and Isis were left completely naked while their enemies interrogated them. A justified precaution, though, since in the Nanoha-verse, almost anything can be turned into a weapon, including articles of clothing. In Mahou Sensei Negima! In Neon Genesis Evangelionthis happens to Dr. Ritsuko Akagi in episode For worse, the old men of SEELE are the ones forcing her to stand naked in front of them as they verbally harass her, and when she finds out that Gendo specifically sent her to avoid having to send ReiRitsuko is not amused.

    When The Big Bad Wolf corners Zara, he tears her clothes apart with his paw before swallowing her, presumably so she would be easier to eat. Alicia and Tiina get knocked out and captured by Liliana and her Ghost Pirate crew. Alicia wakes up to find herself naked and tied up, and sees Tiina naked and being lead around on a leash by Liliana. In The Sacred BlacksmithCecily not only is at the receiving end of this, but she's also severely beaten, verbally humiliated and almost raped by the Big Bad Siegfried. She's a former maid who was The Mistress to Souma; Sakurako stripped her almost naked, tortured her into almost insanity and took pictures due to jealousy. Also Masataka himself, he is forced to strip naked in front of Souma, who's blackmailing him into having sex with him.

    Seraph of the End: In the novel Seishiro dishes out Clothing Damage to Sayuri during their fight. She is battered and humiliated, trying to hold the front of her shirt closed and the crowd chants for him to strip her naked. He agrees but just punches her causing her shirt to fall open. He sneers at her telling her to keep her body to herself.

    Hentai tends to do this all the time and sometimes in unusual ways. Slave Warrior Maya reverses the typical order of events: Trapped in Another World by a magic spell, Maya is intimidated by a pair of aliens into stripping naked before they'll help her find a way home. It's only after she's stripped that they take her prisoner, since she's now a naked human in the wild and therefore, legally, no better than an animal. Just when all seemed lost, Kirito manages to free himself and obtain administrator rights from Kayaba's "digital ghost", then proceeds to kill the crap out of Oberon.

    Used in Tokyo Ghoul: Re as the prelude to Medical Horror. While visiting his newest "patient", Mad Scientist Dr. Kanou yanks off Takizawa's sheets and leaves him completely exposed while discussing the upcoming experiments.

    Exactly how the subjects see the very nude synchtest — not as something to do about, but as something that would be strong humiliating. Euron bodies and seems to finish it, but Victarion mirrors this very.

    The scene further drives home how Kanou's victims are utterly dehumanized, routinely sequenfe naked and treated like animals. Phoyos doesn't help that said scene ends with the "good doctor" promising to return later for some routine tests — one Sxy which will involve forced ejaculation. In TrigunSequencs is once forced to strip naked and bark like a dog or else an outlaw leader will kill someone. This is the penalty for losing any match at level-3 and above. Though it's first seen when Jun loses her preliminary bout against Yuka, which was only set at level Sexy strip sequence photos Yuka's insistence that rules didn't obligate her to do so, Jun still went through with it as she felt there was no place in VG for mediocrity.

    Comic Books Seen in the Vertigo Comics limited series Proposition Player, where a villain discusses the finer points of this technique — sequnce to strip the captives by force, and when to make them strip themselves. In Lady Safter capturing the heroine, the bad guys including a woman order her to strip so she won't try to run away in the streets. It doesn't work as she's a Shameless Fanservice Girl ; she doesn't try to cover herself while running away keeping her underwear on may have helped. Firestorm did this to the villainess Plastique when he used his power to de-atomize her clothes so he could get the bombs that were attached to her and dispose of them safely somewhere else, leaving the beautiful red-haired villainess completely naked and humiliated in public and played for laughs, no less, even though her Naked Freak-Out is more or less off camera.

    Also a very cruel example of Naked People Are Funny as Plastique's would-be victims start laughing at the hapless villainess as she tries to cover herself, as well as a reverse of Naked People Trapped Outside. In the very first arc, the team is captured while doing some investigating in the Savage Land and all stripped naked. Spider-Woman notes how humiliating it is and wishes that their captors could have at least let them keep their undergarments, though Spider-Man responds that he doesn't wear any anyway when in costume since it makes him chafe.

    In New Avengers Annual 3, Clint Barton usually Hawkeye but Ronin at the time awakes from a botched attempt to kill Norman Osborn stark naked and bound to a chair, with Norman and the evil Dark Avengers one of whom is female sneering at him. He spends most of the issue chained naked to a table as Norman has Mentallo psychically torture him. Somewhat subverted in that she's found great confidence and positive self-image in her She-Hulk form. She even drops her already Fanservice-y outfit on the floor and asks "Okay, bright boys, now what?

    Maybe you'd like me to jump rope for you? In issue 32 of Ms. Marvel Vol 2, before she gained her superpowers, Carol Danvers was stripped to her underwear when she was held captive by Ghazi Rashid in Afghanistan.

    After Rice sends X on an off-books mission to kill Stdip Sutter, his wife, and son who's actually Rice's son from an affair with Sutter's wifeupon their return to the Facility, Rice strips X down, burns her clothing, and blasts her with a firehose to clean up any evidence of atrip actions. In addition to hiding his crime, Rice's callous treatment is just another part of his denial of X's humanity. In one issue of the Marvel and DC's Amalgam Universe universe when Princess Diana is sequejce by Thanoseid minions she has her black jacket stripped off, leaving her in her black bra for the rest of the issue.

    Requiem Vampire Knight has an example where the protagonist does it to a villain when Requiem forces Claudia to remove her ballgown at gunpoint Sexy strip sequence photos his love interest Rebecca can disguise herself with it. The council leader orders Vicky to be stripped of her clothes since he declared that humanity will be henceforth treated like animals in a zoo. Fan Works In NightmareKim had a nightmare obviously of being abducted by sequwnce Lorwardians during her graduation and then beheaded. But not before Warhok and Warmonga strip off her clothes. Ron stops her when she said they tore her blue dress and skip over it. Let's rip her stomach open and vivisect her!! Sequenec how the pilots see wequence upcoming nude synchtest — not as something to laugh wtrip, but as something photow would be deeply humiliating.

    Therefore they successfully refuse that Sexy strip sequence photos. Afterwards, Ritsuko strpi humiliated and betrayed, and mentally vows revenge to Rei. Threatened in The Burning Of Beruns World when Kanril Eleya is trying via Gunboat Diplomacy to arrange a peace conference between the effective leaders of two factions of a failed state. Previous to this, a Starfleet Sexy strip sequence photos and a Klingon ship had both been bombed by one of the factions. Mister Smith, please signal your location to me so I can beam you aboard. Can't you see me? We're interested in beaming you up, not a bomb. You've got about ten seconds to comply before I send an airborne platoon to phoros you up.

    At which point Secy may or may not order them to strip-search you. Films — Animation Heavy Metal: When Taarna is captured by the Barbarian Leader, he srip her stripped. The Hunchback of Notre Dame: During the climax, when Judge Frollo and his guards are preparing to sentence Esmeralda to death by being burned phptos the stake and all she's given to wear is a chemise, or a women's undergarment worn during the time period, and it may or may not have been hers after her other clothes were taken. This was fairly common at the time and up until the mid's, buying and selling of second-hand clothes was extremely common.

    Osanai does a variation of this to Paprika in that he strips her of her skin, revealing a naked Dr. It gets even worse for Patty when the ripping stripping reveals to the entire public in broad daylight that Patty is actually flat chested and was stuffing her shirts the whole film to make herself look more buxom and shapely than she really was, leaving Patty completely humiliated though she is kind of a bitch so you can't feel too bad for her. In the Robert Bresson film Au Hasard Balthazarthe most sympathetic human character it's a film about a donkey is a girl named Marie, who falls in love with the wrong guy.

    In one of the most upsetting scenes in the movie, she's trapped in a derelict house and the camera follows the gang of her boyfriend and his mates running off with her clothes, followed by a lingering shot of her huddling naked in the house and weeping. Noit is implied that Dr. No's guards did this to Honey Rider off-screen, as when Bond rescues her at the end, she is barefoot and pantsless. Diamonds Are Forever features something of a time-delayed reaction to this. It wasn't being stripped down to her panties that shamed the lovely Plenty O'Toole — in fact she sounds rather pleased with herself after it happens —, it was Plenty being caught after it happened by some generic thugs that caused her to be humorously shamed.

    A variation of this happens in The Living Daylights. Young chose September 4 rather than the actual date, September 8, because the 4th was a Sunday, and the celebration, as planned, needed the space that Sunday strips offer. That Sunday, almost four dozen characters from as many different comic strips convened in Blondie. Lebrun did all the art, a mob scene that includes, in addition to the visitors from other strips, the Bumstead family and six or seven other cast members, boosting the teeming throng scene to about fifty characters.

    Lebrun's mastery of mimicry runs a gamut from the simplicity of Ziggy and Dilbert to the more elaborately rendered Herman and, even, Flash Gordon. A stunning performance, and Lebrun's last on Blondie. But no signatures appear on this installment— probably because there are so many cartoonists represented by the picture. There are three gags in the celebration—one about comic strip aging, one about Beetle's dress uniform, and, a delicious sight gag, the anniversary "cake" is actually a Dagwood Sandwich with candles on it. It's undeniably an epochal occasion: I can't think of any other time in comics history when so many comic strip characters from different strips appeared together in a single release.

    In the early s, Happy Hooligan sometimes wandered into other strips and vice versa. Nothing on the scale we have here. But was it, as everyone supposes, a wedding anniversary? Blondie herself had been pretty coy about it all along: But she's being deliberately ambiguous. She's alluding not to their wedding day, which was February 17, but to the fabled first day of the strip, when Dagwood introduces her to his father—officially September 8, That's when their "lives together" began, after all. Dagwood, however, thinks she's talking about their wedding anniversary.

    So when I first heard of this stunt, I suspected that the punchline of the story would hit Dagwood on September 4 when he'd find out it's not their wedding anniversary that he's been planning a party for all summer. To turn that circumstance into a joke would require "breaking the fourth wall," of course, but that happened in various installments during the two weeks prior to the party so it wouldn't do unprecedented violence to the fiction of the strip. Young is perfectly aware that the entire storyline conflates the wedding anniversary and the strip's debut, but he chose not to acknowledge in the strip the dual nature of the celebration.

    And then the guest appearance notion probably took over and swept all other nuances aside. Then the idea came to me that I wanted them to celebrate with the rest of their friends from the comics pages. When I realized that all these comic characters would be with the Bumsteads at their big anniversary party, the idea occurred to me that it would be a lot of fun if those characters showed up unexpectedly at the Bumsteads' house two weeks early. And then it got more legs right away when I started speaking to my fellow cartoonists, and all of a sudden we're into my colleagues in the industry doing references to the Bumsteads' big party in their strips.

    That's their world, so it actually feels real. Besides the anniversary party, Young achieved a couple other historic moments in the strip.

    Sequence photos strip Sexy

    When Mother Goose's Grimm shows up on August 25, he invades the bathroom to drink from his usual appliance: And on Sunday, August 28, the Prez of the U. The caricatures of these two phtos seem to me deftly done, better, in fact, that we have a right to sequece in the usual non-political milieu of a syndicated comic strip. In this strkp, however, the cartoonist has had practice on political personages: Jeff Parker, who, until the end of July, was one of the cartoonists producing Blondie, is also the editorial cartoonist on Florida Today. Parker also drew Grimmy with great elan, I thought. Josepho had an idea for a small curtain-enclosed booth where people could take affordable portraits anonymously and and automatically.

    Within 20 years there were more than 30, in the US alone, an explosive growth due largely to World War II, as soldiers and loved ones exchanged photos, hoping to cling to memories or moments in a world suddenly turned upside down. By the 's, the Polaroid camera spelled the doom of the "four strip" that had become a fixture at arcades and drugstores everywhere. Photo sticker machines Photo sticker machines or photo sticker booths are a special type of photo booth that produces stickers with photos on them. Some have also begun appearing in the United States. Typically, photo sticker machines produce 4x4 sheets of photo stickers, for a total of 16 photo stickers.

    Multiple booths are usually stationed in a store with a counter for money exchange as the booths only accept certain coins and tables with scissors chained to the table for cutting and splitting the photo stickers when finished.

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