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    #Youasked: My husband likes me to pee during sex! Is that normal?

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    She allowed her hand to brush over her clitoris, and her pee hole would spasm. She was now feeling sfories urgency of her morning bladder and the large cup of coffee. But they were only a few blocks away. Karen looked over at Brian. There was a tiny shinny spot of pre-cum, just sitting on top of his pee hole. This made Karen ans concentration, she gasped as a squirt of hot urine had escaped into her panties. Her pants had a dark spot storiea the size of a tennis ball in the center of her crotch. It is called urophilia, a form of salirophilia, which means the person associates sexual excitement with urine. We all know that as a society we are squeamish about sex. Another thing we are squeamish about?

    Urophilia combines these two things and partners may want to see their partner urinate in front of them as a symbol of intimacy. These people usually think that it is a way they connect and get intimate with their partners. Finally I pushed her gently to the side and pulled the two soaked towels off of the bed. They were both soaked and smelled delicious like fresh piss and pussy juices. I felt the surface of the bed and was delighted that it was still dry. I threw the soaked, fragrant towels into the tub. She rolled over and went back to sleep. And I walked straight back to my office room to type this and share my lovely wet experience with all of you.

    I hope you Sex and pee stories enjoy this and get to experience this pleasure yourself. Our common interest andd a bit unusual. We loved to watch people pee. Both of us had discussed where this desire came from and finally came to the conclusion it was stroies early boyhood experiences. We talked a while about his life and what brought me to his state. Sez was embarrassed because Pwe had never indulged in my sexual fetish before. He was storjes young fifty-five and I was a young fifty. We both were in good condition for our ages. He said sfories worked out and rode a bicycle to keep fit.

    I owed my condition more to genes than to any real effort on my part. The subject turned to our pee love. It was about noon if I could tell by the sun radiating through the oversized picture window across the room from the organ. He stood to his full six foot two and walked over to where I was sitting. Unzip me and feel my cock. But I had promised myself I was going to take the plunge when the subject came up. I had a lifetime of hiding all my desires from everybody. This was the nineties and it was time to walk out of the self-imposed straight jacket.

    I unzipped his trousers front, reached in and gently took his limber dick in my hand. It was larger than my own, although I knew mine was more than adequate. His had a long foreskin, and its head hid in a dark cave of flesh. In my state of intoxication I oblige and begin giving her a golden shower while she is on her knees. After finishing up in the shower we went to my bed and finished up what we started ultimately culminating in me giving her a facial.

    I do u soon. I cooker you to make your tongue in me.

    The next morning I had a philanthropy event to be at and needed to pick up some people. I, of course, pick everyone else up first before dropping her off so they could see my previous nights prize. Upon arrival to her house she flings the door handle open and starts quickly walking out of my car out of embarrassment. Would you put it in my pussy and in my arse? I gulped, nodding, and pulled aside her panties to finger her hairless slit. Ming slid my cock out of her mouth.

    The ground is soft like a storiee, and pretty dry. I was starting to feel very excited. Her breasts were pale and pinched with little brown nipples. She knelt down beside me taking hold of my cock again and warming my neck with her breath. We like to slurp up each others piss and drink it down. The idea of ane is delicious. I want you to do it. I could tell just from the look you gave me on the dance floor. I licked my lips in anticipation and then it landed on me, sopping wet and sloppy with juices. The aroma and the flavor of her pussy was like champagne and strawberries. I could feel the recently shaved stubble on her mound but around her lips felt soft and smooth.

    She was sitting on my face firmly and I wondered if she was going to let me breathe, then she lifted up. I pushed my tongue as far as I could inside her tasting an stronger tang and licking the interior walls. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about? How did it end? In the morning, I asked if she would pee on me as soon as we woke up.

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    Qnd got on top of me in bed. She was on all fours with me on my back. It took a little while but then she started to go slowly. It went right into my mouth and I started swallowing it. It was still a slow trickle.

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