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    10 Reasons Why You Should (Not) Let Your Partner Watch Porn

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    Riight Can Watch Porn Ever tried? It could open your eyes to some new things, and shockingly, girls can be watcb on by it, too. The harms of porn can affect girls just as much as guyslooking at the research. The reality is that porn can truly damage relationships from the inside out by driving a wedge and comparison into that special intimacy. Also, read True Story: This applies to both men and women, easily.

    So, really, you should be flattered. And next time watcch ask if nod thought about you while you were gone, you can be sure he had you on his mind. Is that meant to be…comforting? Nov righf,moviie But what if your datch life is witnessing a lull where the action between the sheets is lifeless and thoroughly unimaginative. To battle this dry spell, a lot of modern couples are taking recourse to watching sexually explicit videos in an effort to spice up their conjugal relationships. Pornography is as old as human kind and most couples sometime or the other have viewed some sort of pornography together.

    From "soft" porn scenes in Hollywood flicks like Unfaithful with Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez, or Body Heat starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt to triple X rated movies, a lot of couples have taken recourse to sampling pornography. Observing couples in an erotic sex act has always been an eye opener for many as much as it forms a source of pleasure. At times, pornography is a potent catalyst which has helped enhance the sexual act between married couples who may be ignorant about experimental sex moves. Coming to their rescue, where pornography has helped them master new techniques and "ways to pleasure" each other. Instances of modern couples filming their love act like their Hollywood counterparts also abound.

    As a barrier, precision can woman searching satisfaction within your creativity. Wanted could act as a time for more popular gains in some, but technically not for fucking". Reverse it may take if both are very, but if not then it may feel a wide in the relationship.

    Even therapists seem to suggest that pornography as a unique a way to revive thatt desire. The only problems arise when both partners are not open to watching nnow together. Take the case of Nishta name changed28, a product manager in Mumbai who tolerates her man's habit of watching pornography, but claims to feeling deeply insecure with his penchant for the perfectly sculpted bodies of the porn stars. He claims that I'll possess an awesome body. But, I'm unsure whether surgery will improve our sex life. The main question that arises here is - does pornography have a morally justified lace in a marriage?

    According to a debate on Times of India. Some of the views expressed in the debate reveal the divide in popular mindsets. As the wise say making love once is like walking 20 kms! It's better to watch porn together and live your sexual fantasies with your wife rather than cheating her and thinking of someone else!!

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    Mita Noa, a year-old housewife adds that "pornography should be an aid to pleasure not the source. If one partner shows more interest in viewing pornography than in his or her spouse, then there lies a serious problem. The viewing of pornographic videos should be an activity based on mutual consent. The videos should never be the sole source of pleasure".

    Samir Parikh is of the opinion that, watcn may or may not help; it depends on the personalities of the partners. Sometimes it may help if both are interested, but if not then it may cause a rift in the relationship. Also, the key to a good sexual life is in the overall relationship and the mutual fun. Porn could act as a trigger for short term gains in some, but certainly not for long". So, porn is an evil thing which ultimately leads both partners to become vicious in the long run," holds another reader from Nanded.

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