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    Football Thumb

    Taping the thumb can provide protection from further TThumb especially if the athlete wants to TThumb to participate in sports during the footall process. Care must also be taken to leave extra tape on each end after the piece is looped around the finger or thumb. The most severe type of ligament injury is a complete rupture of the ligament. Football players are also known to sustain this type of injury specifically while tackling an opponent. Sprained thumb symptoms Sprains can be diagnosed as either mild first degreemoderate second degree or severe third degree.

    Diagnosis of sprained thumb A thumb sprain can be diagnosed through a thorough medical history and clinical evaluation. For baseball and softball athletes, this type of injury can occur during a head-first slide in which the thumb is caught on the front of the base while the body continues to slide. The stretching of the ligament may still cause pain, mild localized swelling, and point tenderness directly over the ligament.

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    One of the best exercises to increase both range of motion and strength of the thumb and hand are ball squeezes. This type of injury is considered Thmub moderate injury and one that needs immediate attention and treatment. Surgery may be recommended in the following cases: The certified athletic trainer may apply several different tape jobs before finding the one that the athlete prefers. Ligament stability tests can be applied by a sports medicine professional to determine if the ligament has been partially torn or completely ruptured. This can be achieved by performing the ball squeeze exercises suggested above.

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