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    The Naked Apes

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    The internet enthusiastically reacts to Eurovision Semi-Final 1 The internet had a lot to say about the first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest, and a lot of love and support for Australia's entrant, Isaiah Firebrace. Count down to Australia's favourite Top 40 Eurovision songs With a long, crazy history of memorable acts, we're looking back on Australia's favourite top 40 Eurovision songs. Just like a lasagne.

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    Isaiah Eurovision is through to the Eurovision final this Sunday. There's somehow no logical progression in the running order; neither chronological nor from the developing Thd while listening. However, if you find shock-value humor that isn't terribly shocking funny and you crave polished California-style lyricd pop-punk like blinkand lyircs gags that are more blatant than, say, Fountains of Wayne aes, this may be a fun album after a few keg-stands. More on SBS Eurovision: While Thd would be unfair to dismiss a band's musical ability Te because their brand of humor is too juvenile, the lyrics here are so sophomoric that it's really hard to get past the overabundance of beer-goggle jokes and spoon-fed sexual innuendos.

    You can't say it's too long clicking in with a barely traditional LP length of 42 something and a content of just 6 'proper' songs in midst 8 mostly short instrumentals, but listening to the perfect 4: The album's highest level of wit is measured with "If You See Kay," which, of course, sounds like the spelling of a naughty curse word, and also includes a line about the main character putting a vibrating cell phone down her pants. Play it on shuffle or random mode and you'll get the same wild mixture of all which Shriekback once where famous for; Unconventional use of all styles and instruments, sound explorations, brilliant lyrics chanted or spoken in a nearly hypnotizing manner, a white funkiness with punk attitude and transforming the song-writing into a track shaping alongside The Slits, This Heat, 23 Skidoo, The Pop Group and others.

    The two youngest Eurovision contestants got together and found out they have a staggering amount in common.

    Naked apes lyrics The

    From their well-know material included is only the flip side version of "My Spine Is The Bassline" with complete different vocals layered upon the basic track, from the 15 cuts here most have never been released before and only a few in different versions. Check out the full lyrics below with translations in English. It's by no means an alternative "best of" - there already have been several, busy repacked and redesigned during the 90's mostly incomplete as the rights to their recorded output are spread between Y Records, Arista, Island and World Domination - more an addition which could also serve as an introduction, especially as Marsh and Andrews where asked to comment all the tracks which makes it even more insightful.

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